Comic for Monday, Jan 15, 2018


Posted January 15, 2018 at 1:18 am

SQUEEK! Ashley is only one point away from winning!

Rewriting happened (not the game results, but literally everthing around it).

Deciding on what exactly to do with the mouse form happened.


Well, not all of the things. Lavos from Chrono Trigger has yet to and he just showed up.

She just showed up? It? Is "it" offensive if referring a some manner of planet killing monster beast of indeterminate gender?

Whatever. Look, I have to choose exactly two of my friends and go deal with that. Before I go, I will note that the smallest Catalina has been in canon is 1:7 scale. The mouse form made her 1:5 scale. The player pieces 7% the size of the players (around 1:14.28 scale), and the Mouse Catalina piece is 5% the size of the players (1:20 scale).

I decided 5% is as small as the player pieces can get so they don't wind up ant-sized or something. 2% might not seem like a big difference, but 7% is 140% of 5%, so it's pretty significant, really.