Comic for Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017


Posted July 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm

EDIT: There is an obvious continuity issue with this explanation that I somehow missed, and it will be revised next comic. That's gotta be a speed record for retconning. The new explanation solves the issues mentioned at the end of this commentary, however.

I want to do more furry TFs. Also, more... I'm tired of saying "heavy"? It's not quite right. I mean, lots of body types and figures are "heavy". Pear shaped? I dunno. More of whatever I should be calling that sort of morph.

The hairstyle I chose for furry Tedd was the result of me saying "darn it, I want more diverse hairstyles" and searching for popular hairstyles. I didn't find an exact match for what I drew, but I found bangs like that and spikey hair going up like that on separate hairstlyes. I didn't see pigtails anywhere, but I felt the hair should fill up more space, and pigtails were the easiest way to pull that off.

Zap and Repeat

The answer to "can Ellen transform, scan, paste, and repeat to stack effects beyond what is normally possible" (such as shrinking beyond 1/2 size) was always going to be "nope", but it took me a bit to settle on exactly why it doesn't work.

This answer might seem simple, and it is. "The enchantments that are already there cause wibbliness and wobbliness, and Ellen can at best get the default form".

Thing is, this is a pretty darn significant thing to allow to be canon, because Ellen now has a way to covertly find out someone's default form. That is not a small thing. Granted, the spells that allow her to do that are relatively short range, but it's still a signifcant thing to establish.

Someone did point out a loophole of my own making on this very question of stacking copied forms, however, and I'm not sure if I'm going to answer it before this is over (I intend for four more comics). This answer soundly prevents Ellen from transforming, scanning, pasting, and repeating that action in most cases, and it accomplishes this by enchantments getting in the way.

Grace is never actually enchanted by any of Ellen's spells.