Comic for Friday, Jul 7, 2017


Posted July 7, 2017 at 2:20 pm

I'm pretty sure I covered how Grace absorbs TF gunish enchantments somewhere before, but I'm not 100% sure when I did that, and people have been asking whether these beams could be a way to give Grace the ability to morph her clothes.

As explained, the answer is no, though it's worth noting that magic could potentially affect her clothing if her clothes were targeted directly, and not changed as a sort of side effect of an enchantment on her. Also worth noting is the potential for non-TF gunish enchantments to actually enchant her, though potentially without her gaining new forms.

Anyway, what's important is to remember that when someone asks you if you're a Mega Man, you say yes.

Granted, Grace doesn't have to defeat robot masters to get new forms, but... Holy heck, that sounds like a fantastic idea for a video game. None of this recolor your outfit nonsense. Let's get forms totally changing to use abilities, darn it!

As for Susan's outfit, I could claim I was trying to make her look like a bit Bulma from a moment in Dragon Ball involving a gangster rabbit, but I just drew what I thought looked nifty according to my own bizarre sense of fashion, and only noticed that the vest and arm bands made were somewhat similar to Bulma's outfit during that scene.