Comic for Monday, Jul 17, 2017


Posted July 17, 2017 at 2:50 am

Edit: corrected a couple spelling / extra word errors

I was hoping for an excuse to show these three in these forms again, and then I discovered that some people were expressing confusion over the last few comics. Not really a good thing, exactly, but HEY! An EXCUSE!

Granted, I didn't realize I had a good excuse for showing Tall Muscular Diane again. I had more numbered points before I edited it down to three, and only realized she fit one of them after that. I'd already decided she was going to be in the comic either way, so lucky, that.

Incidentally, I am sometimes bad at knowing exactly what people are confused about, so as much as I *think* I've addressed what was confusing people, it's entirely possible *I* was confused, and have accomplished nothing of the sort.

Either way, Susan-Rhoda got to have a bit of fun, so that's good, but if there is something I should actually be addressing, it could be worth letting me know.