Comic for Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017


Posted June 28, 2017 at 1:00 am

EDIT: That's "Bad" Tom in the back with Ashley. I didn't think that would be unclear, but I've seen evidence since posting this that suggests that it is.

I've had people say characters look pregnant before, but after the last couple of comics, I decided it was time to address it. If nothing else, this now exists as a ready to go response in future.

Granted, in the previous comic, Ellen's posture, and the angle from which she was being viewed, were contributing factors. Like I said, however, this has come up before.

Look, I grew up on the Simpsons, alright? My understanding of drawing heavy people is to go with a lightbulb shape.

Not likely to become common

It is VERY unlikely that there will ever be anything like a "pregnant-like form" beam in EGS. I know it would appeal to some, and I've no problem with that.

I personally, however, overthink these things. I consider how such a form would have to work, at which point my brain explodes and struggles to rebuild itself.

And, of course, there's no chance of magically induced sudden pregnancy, as I find the concept rather terrifying. No judgement if that appeals to anyone as a fantasy, but again, I overthink things.

My overthinking things probably doesn't need to be pointed out at this point, however, particularly with me going so far as making sure to give the middle panel rounded grey fantasy borders in spite of this already being established as non-canon.

Panel two is so non-canon, it's canonically non-canon within non-canon!

And yes, I do enjoy that the actual canon of the non-canon is Rhoda showed up dressed as a wizard and started messing with people's sizes and clothing with nobody minded.