Comic for Friday, Jun 9, 2017


Posted June 9, 2017 at 1:00 am

Firstly, yes, that's Susan in panels two and three. I considered various male and female characters for this and asked around without specifying why I was asking, and Justin and Susan seemed like a good choice for this.

I am thinking that Nanase-Diane's ab style might be what I want to go with for Nanase more often. It's a bit more subtle while still implying tone.

And the reason Nanase-Diane has hair divided one way and Justin-Susan's hair is divided another way is because of wibbly wobbly magic is weird just roll with it.


One can likely tell that this was originally going to follow Monday's comic, but if there was ever a time to specify that these spells don't copy abilities, it was before this comic. Before, it was just speculation about copying one person's abilities. Imagine speculation about mixtures.

I mean, granted, that has rad potential and might have to happen someday in some form or another, but still.

Fusion HA!

The name of this spell is inspired by fusions found in Dragon Ball, but I was inspired to include this as a spell less by martial arts anime, and more by the middle stage of transformation sequences. There's always a point in the middle between the before and after that's interesting in and of itself, and a way for Ellen to get some of those results appealed to me.

Left and Right Hands

Some people will like that the resulting sex of the target is determined by what hand she uses (and that this allows for such options), and others will be disappointed that that, too, isn't some manner of hybrid result. Ultimately, I went with the option I preferred, but I am aware that I should expect some angry shaking of fists after this.