Comic for Wednesday, Jun 7, 2017


Posted June 7, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Nanase's assessment of her angel spell and thanking God for it
- "The requirements... has led some to believe them to be divine in nature"
- Permission asked for when copying the guardian form

Someone was speculating about the potential of pasting the Cheerleadra form onto a bunch of people, and I said "nay!", followed by "'tis unfair of me to assume everyone just knows that somehow, so address it, I shall".

Or something like that. That's roughly what happened, anyway.

I'm thrilled that happened, though, because now we have Necromancer Grace! Yes, she is specifically a necromancer, a summoner, creator, and controller of the undead, because reasons. She also has a stylish eye scar, also because reasons.

Actually, there really is a specific reason for the scar. When I was younger, I came up with a rather cliché antagonist for a fantasy world who was a necromancer. He wore a cliché robe, wielded a cliché scythe, and yes, had a stylish eye scar.

The fact that I had thought of absolutely no reason for him to have a scar beyond possibly having watched The Lion King previously says something of where my writing was at the time. My writing abilities, however, have since massively improved, and I would now claim it was the result of a kitchen accident with a butter knife.

Incidentally, panel two has more cartoonish proportions because I was determined to have that pose for Ellen-Cheerleadra, complete with shadow on the ground below her, without her face being really small, or everything looking absurdly zoomed out.