Comic for Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Posted May 31, 2017 at 1:00 am

"DAN! Are you saying someone transforming into a female form is wrong?!"


"Ah, right. Probably not. So, ah, this is probably more to do with assuming a sexy female form in skimpy clothing and makeup to get customers, including young teens, to buy more comics, right?"


"Right, right... Well, you've gotta admit, Justin looks really good like that."

*Awkward pause, then nod*

So many, many spells

There are too many "like FV5, but..." spells to make individual comis for all of them, but here are a few examples of "like FV5, but..."

  • their hair doesn't change
  • their height doesn't change
  • basically FV1 (the most basic female transformation that doesn't change hair or height, and a figure closer to how they started)
  • basically FV1 with FV5's set height
  • their hair turns blonde (Ellen denies this reflecting any sort of hair color preferences on her part)
  • with a smaller bust and double FV5 hips
  • with smaller hips and a double FV5 bust

So, yeah. She's got options! Most of which she's not a hundred percent sure of given how spell books are written, but there's always trial, error, and Nanase's clone spell for target practice.