Comic for Friday, Feb 3, 2017


Posted February 3, 2017 at 4:52 pm

- Pandora's previous assessment of Kitty

T'is it nature or nurture? The chicken or the egg? Coke or Pepsi? The world may never know.

Though it's entirely probable that Kitty just imitated a cat once when young, was praised for it, and it gradually escalated in to a thing. If she did that because of her name, it becomes even more entangled.

Anyway, I decided there was no way Kitty wasn't getting out of this without a magic mark if for no other reason than it wouldn't make sense. After everything that happened after marking Catalina and the fact that Kitty, unlike Catalina, seems like she could be given a cat girl spell even without a name based affinity, AND Pandora being in the market for marking people with transformation spells and her spell potentially turning women and men alike into cat girls...

Yeah, I'd have to ignore a LOT for Pandora to not mark Kitty regardless of her dislike of name based affinities.