Comic for Monday, Aug 22, 2016


Posted August 22, 2016 at 1:01 am

This comic wound up getting rewritten several times due to my wanting to make certain it would be clear why Ashley wasn't able to get the transformation spells, and how it was a conflict of her inner nature and not a simple matter of some cosmic black and white concept of good and evil.

In the course of these rewrites, it occurred to me that if it wasn't "cosmic morality", then there nedded to be a reason Pandora could so quickly pick up Ashley's goodness. After so many centuries, Pandora can get a quick read of people's personalities, but she's only reading everyone swiftness in the context of what spells she can give them. There needed to be something within that context that specifically tipped her off to that inherent "goodness".

And so, contrary to what I implied in the previous commentary, Pandora could actually give Ashley spells via magic marks. They're spells she's not particularly interested in giving Ashley, but the potential exists due to it sort of needing to for this to ultimately make sense.

And now it's just a matter of time until this decision to make sense of this one moment winds up evolving into a major plot point somewhere down the line. That tends to be how these sort of things go around here.