Comic for Sunday, Feb 21, 2016


Posted February 21, 2016 at 1:01 am


I actually made a mistake in this comic, but since I am now aware of it, it's retroactively GRACE'S mistake! Whatever this horrible, horrible mistake was (that GRACE made) will be revealed soon enough, BUT the clue I leave you now is the comic in which Grace talks about FV3 and FV4.

I have to say, I like how MV4 Sarah's hair looks better than I thought it would. We're committed to MV5 making shorter hair now, so that's still happening, but I like how it looks more than I thought I would.

Maybe I just like feminine haircuts on guys? ...NAAAAH.

Sarah's MV4 face might not look as masculine as some think it should, though I do draw it slightly differently. The problem is that the difference is so subtle that regular Sarah and MV4-5 Sarah would have to be side-by-side and in the same pose with regular Sarah standing on a box or something for it to be particularly noticeable, and that hair isn't helping. 

I could make the transformed faces more masculine, but it's difficult to do that in my style without taking it too far and making them look like tough guys in their early forties. Or at least, you know, making them not look recognizable as themselves.