Comic for Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016


Posted January 13, 2016 at 1:01 am

6' = 182.88 cm
5' 7.6" = 168.43 cm
5' 4" = 162.56 cm

Ellen, no! Now's not the time to tell that story about how big that fish you caught was.

This is a common sentiment regarding FV5, as is the whole hair length part of it. I figured now was the time to establish some variations.

The 7.9% is simply the result of quickly comparing the supposed average heights of men and women in the US and finding the difference. There may well be a better way to go about it, but that's absolutely how Tedd would've settled on a number.

Sarah, incidentally, would've just gone with 90%, conclude that that sounds like too litltle a difference, hedge her bets by making it 85%, and then find herself surprised when the results were way more dramatic than she had expected.

The lines around Grace's hand were originally more to scale, but I somehow messed up my initial calculation and only realized it after I thought I was done with the comic, so... Well, the corrected version still gets the point across, darn it!