Comic for Monday, Aug 31, 2015


Posted August 31, 2015 at 1:01 am

I WARNED ya there'd be a follow up! Didn't I warn ya?!

Granted, whether it's good that this exists is a matter of opinion and I'm hoping many will be like "warned us? This is a good thing", BUT STILL.

That said, I'm not sure if there'll be additional follow up to this. I do like Tedd's morph and would like to do more like it, and I like the transforming tea in general, but this is the sort of dealie that can quickly get repetitive and/or out of hand.

Seriously, imagine if either of them had more tea at this point.

I suppose whether tea stuff continues will depend on how people react to this. Or if I get a different idea. Or I decide I wanna make one regardless. Or I decide I don't. Or if do want to, but chicken out after remembering how long this comic took.

Speaking of which...

This EGS:NP took a relatively long time to make, and is actually an excellent example of why some single image sketchbooks can take longer than some story comics. There are times when one image, not to mention 3-4 panels, require new designs and details that are much harder to draw than normal. Just deciding whether I wanted that bow in Tedd's hair in the last panel took a few minutes.

In addition, I zoom in a lot while inking, so when a design isn't second nature, I'm zooming in and out a lot more than normal while double checking everything. This can be even more difficult with request sketchbooks, as I'm generally dressing the characters in something specific someone requested.

All that said, hair tied back in a bow? Nailed it!