Comic for Friday, Feb 12, 2010


Posted February 12, 2010 at 1:00 am
You know, for a game I'm not even playing, these Star Trek Online comics are multiplying like tribbles.

Susan and Justin are both wearing outfits inspired by various incarnations of Star Trek, but neither are actual designs from any of the Trek series. They simply have certain similar characteristics as far as their patterns.

I like this comic, but my concern is that it's gonna confuse the heck out of a lot people (and that's including fans of Bones). The idea is that Susan can't help but give the puppy dog look in this situation in spite of it being something she'd never consciously do. She's feeling her face out of confusion in the last panel.

Susan is someone who is capable of great cuteness, but only when she's not trying to be cute. Intentional attempts at cuteness result in "KITTY!" situations. Justin just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to Susan related cuteness, can he?

Incidentally, for those who don't watch Bones, Angela sketches people based on tissue markers on the skulls they've left behind (the remains they deal with tend to be fairly unidentifiable without forensic effort). She does plenty more than that on the show, but having her role in Starfleet be the identification of lost red shirts amuses me.

Speaking of Bones, this comic reminded me that I've occasionally considered what a Star Trek show written in a style similar to Bones would be like. I think it would be awesome, but it could get ugly if it was too similar. An atheist character as vocal as Temperance Brennan (the main character from Bones) would likely result in several wars in the ST universe. One casual remark regarding the Klingon faith to the wrong Klingon could probably spark an inter-galactic conflict.


I think I just figured out the real hidden back story to Star Trek Online...