Comic for Tuesday, Jul 9, 2002


Posted July 9, 2002 at 1:00 am

 Uh-oh. We've reached the point in the commentary in which I am supposed to grandly reveal how long I had planned for Nanase and Tedd to be related. Was it from the beginning? Was it a last minute decision? The time has finally come to reveal the truth to one and all!

Except I can't remember. Like, at all. Um... My apologies?

I do know that I came up with Nanase separately from EGS while in high school. I had some vague idea for a magical girl scenario minus with less fancy costumes and a sort of primitive version of what would later be established as the magic system for EGS. In a way, EGS is basically a merger of the EGS comics I drew for fun in High School and whatever I would have called Nanase's comic.

So, predating EGS? They weren't meant to be related. I just can't remember at what point I decided they'd be related once the comic began and I decided Nanase would be part of it.

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