Comic for Wednesday, Apr 12, 2023


Posted April 12, 2023 at 12:00 am

Tedd is so happy about the lack of jumping.

Before Susan said approximately ten thousand things to show her work, I wanted everything important to be understood.

That way, if anyone's eyes glaze over at the third panel, congratulations, you can just gloss over that panel without being confused later.

Incidentally, ye gods, articulating Susan's though process was difficult. There was a lot to cover, and I meant it to be as brief as possible without skipping over anything. It took me a bit to land on the "group by questions" solution,

It feels obvious in retrospect, as everything built on a series of questions that started with "why covert messages?"

Based on what Susan knew, Zeus should've just been able to appear wherever and pass on information. Why bother with messages that Susan could miss entirely? Given the "ally" vow, concern about other immortals was the only realistic possibility that occurred to Susan, and that contextualized everything else.

What I find interesting is the conclusion she reached presents another possible explanation for Zeus contacting her indirectly:

Contacting Susan privately is more difficult now, and Zeus might just be concerned about people in general overhearing.

There's an explanation that could work entirely in place of her first hypothesis about Zeus, but she only got to it by having that first hypothesis.

Which is not to suggest that's definitely the case. It simply COULD be the case, and I find the potential interesting.


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