Comic for Friday, Mar 10, 2023


Posted March 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

The tricky thing here was keeping Tensaided from overstepping boundaries.

He made an assumption based on what he thought Susan would be doing, he thought that because he thinks it's what would be best for Susan, and he's asking because he wants to try and plan ahead.

I don't THINK I've failed "Appropriate Management Behavior 101", but I'm sure someone will let me know if I have.

Video renting? How contemporary!

I've often joked that EGS takes place in 20XX, which is both a Megaman reference, and meant to make clear that there is not a set year (and even if there was, it's a different universe with some shared history, so it's not that relevant anyway).

However, the comic began in 2002 (as in when the first comic posted, not the year in-universe), so some things seem weird. Some technology jumped ahead because it's handy to have around for the story, and would feel more weird not to have. Some technology is getting there more gradually.

And though we are finally addressing the phasing out of video rental places, the common "why is the video rental place still around" question has always had a simple answer that's more important than all other possible explanations:

This comic began in 2002, and only about a year has passed in-universe.


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