Comic for Monday, Mar 6, 2023


Posted March 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

Results inconclusive.

Also, don't worry, that's a "rule of funny" fall. She's fine.

This page, and the previous two pages, were a result of me repeatedly thinking things like "then Susan thinks about how she feels, and... No, actually, that's a bit dull. How else can I get that across? Flashback panels? Those aren't much better, and might not be clear about Susan's feelings... What about Fantasy panels? Yeah, those could be interesting."

Granted, the point made on this page could have been literally one panel of Susan admitting to herself that she's not sure about the answer to fantasy Sarah's question.

Counterpoint, which will be easier to recall later: Susan having a thought about it while opening her up a locker, or the above page?

The locker one?!

I asked the wrong imaginary reader.


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