Comic for Monday, Oct 30, 2023


Posted October 30, 2023 at 12:00 am

Awkwardly sharing sincere feelings is awkward.

Speaking of awkward, I consider it personal grow that I didn't have a panel of Edward saying "WELP, I'm going upstairs to do a thing, now. This is the reason I'm leaving the basement. Let's have a couple panels of awkward establishing that I'm heading for the stairs and will be going up them."

Like, presumably, things like that were said, but I'm boldly leaving it to all of you to fill in that blank yourselves so things can move along faster.

I'm pretty sure knowing to leave out stuff like that is all you need to be a successful film director, too, so be prepared for my movie "Dude Doesn't Say Hello or Goodbye While On The Phone But The Pacing Is Good" in 2027.

Also, I'm so sorry if you never noticed people doing that in TV and movies before, because now you're never going to not notice it.

Also, optometrists are eye doctors. I don't know how common knowledge that is for people who don't wear glasses. We enter this world knowing nothing, and that includes not knowing what optometrists are.


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