Comic for Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023


Posted September 27, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Tedd encountering what is most definitely not a whale

- Tedd choosing not to tell his dad about the encounter because of his own doubts

- Tedd obviously charging up the bat (obvious in retrospect, at least)

Past me stuck me with the bill of having to deal with Tedd not telling his dad about this.

Part of me minds, because nobody, NOT EVEN ME, tells ME what to do! But it's also fine, because I know how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Not originally a bat

As I've previously commented, I originally imagined it taking Tedd more effort to come up with this experiment. It was such a natural thing for Tedd to come up with, however, that I actually had to use quantum physics to slow Tedd down a bit.

What I ORIGINALLY imagined was gradually showing that Tedd was preparing to do SOMETHING, and one scene would have been a small montage of Tedd with Grace and/or Elliot looking for a big enough stick around some trees.

No dialogue, no context, just them looking around somewhere with trees, finding a big stick, and leaving with it.

And I like that idea, but it didn't work with how the story was evolving, so we instead get the more streamlined version of Tedd with a baseball bat.

I think the bat winds up being more fitting in a few ways, particularly in how it's consistent with Tedd using things like drumsticks, but I did like the presented out-of-context search for a big stick idea.


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