Comic for Friday, Sep 8, 2023


Posted September 8, 2023 at 12:00 am

There are ways in which Kevin is like a younger Arthur dialed to eleven.

Tedd's just like me for real for real

An unfortunate irony of this page is that I stayed up several hours late to finish the previous page for Wednesday, and I 100% should not have done that.

I should've said "whoops, it's now a Friday comic because some of the writing additions took me a century, my bad."

But no. I felt a strong personal obligation to get it done.

Which brought me to another revelation:

The farther I get into this story, the more I realize how much of the stuff about Tedd in it is semi-autobiographical.

I knew SOME of it was, including the "staying up late sometimes" part, but it's dawned on me how much more I have in common with Tedd in this story than I knew when I started it.

I feel personally attacked. How dare I.