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Posted July 31, 2023 at 12:00 am

And possibly explaining why Grace knew to recommend stimming, a friendly reminder of definitely-not-a-therapist Grace reading about psychology.


Ultimately, this storyline isn't primarily about the dinner, and it isn't primarily about Lavender.

In my opinion, however, not showing ANY of the dinner, or not getting to know Lavender a little better than "here's some facts not specifically about me byyye~!," would have been a jerk move.

So now we've got one of her interests / hobbies, why she wound up at the job she did, and the whole "she's tall" thing addressed (with hints at potential seyunolu, aka uryuom hybrid, ancestry).

Inquiring Tedds Want To Know

I had originally only written five panels! For some reason, I thought Lavender talking about her height and form would fill a full row.

It did not, so now we get Tedd wondering how the heck Female Variant #1 of the TF gun decides certain things.

Video Game Mods

I made a few TF guns in Fallout 3. Sort of. They were modified Alien Blasters that did 1 damage (had to do at least one to apply an effect), and in theory didn't aggro, but sometimes aggro'd, because Fallout 3.

What you could actually actually was pretty limited to some character variables, and changing anything was flawed in one way or another.

One other thing I did to mimic transformation was a gun that, in a literal sense, disintegrated the target, and spawned an enemy in their place. It at least LOOKED like it could turn a raider into a mutant mole rat.

Fear not, EGS transformation is ACTUAL transformation, and infinitely safer than trying to transform in an open world Bethesda game, in which the best you can hope for (outside of being a werewolf or vampire) is to vanish, have a chicken take your place, and then return (possibly in another form because you're a randomized leveled enemy, and the game's just like that).


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