Comic for Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024


Posted March 6, 2024 at 1:39 am

Jay's nefarious reason for being at the tournament IS... She has a couple of friends trying to get her into the game.


(It can be taken as given that they're also friends with Grace).

I honestly felt it would be weird if Rich didn't have at least some on-panel reaction to Jay. That wouldn't have been a plot hole, it simply would have felt strange were it not shown, but it's more fun to call it a plot hole, so...

If Rich didn't have an on-panel reaction to Jay, it would've been a plot hole!

(I apologize for further confusing what a plot hole actually is. I will be sure to balance the scales with several actual plot holes in the future.)

EDIT: I made Mark's hair a little lighter because some people's gut response to him was "Tedd?"

Which is funny, because MY worry was people's gut response to him would be "Elliot?", which is the whole reason why I made his hair a little darker than Elliot's and gave him glasses. Now that the grey actually matches Elliot, maybe I'll have the new issue of "why is Elliot wearing glasses?"

It's my own fault for going with the angle I did. I think he's obviously neither from less of a side view, but side views make plenty of characters look less distinct, and plenty of my characters look similar even WITHOUT that.

All that said, this gives me some insight in how the comic is read, as the character's actual name is the second word in the comic. Visual information is more powerful than Jay saying "hey Mark".


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