Comic for Friday, Feb 10, 2023


Posted February 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Previously seen

I hadn't planned on returning to Raven's party before the end of this storyline. One reason I was avoiding showing too much with them is that they will be getting a dedicated storyline later, and I figured anything even slightly important I said now would need to be said again later.

After the previous page, however, I wanted something between Diane and Noah deciding to order food, and what comes after that.

I considered more options than one might expect before finally deciding that anything said in one page can be recapped painlessly enough, and that there were actually some things I'd like to establish sooner rather than later.

One thing in particular was the limits of Abraham's tracking, and why this could take a bit. Another was Raven's expectation that this would take LESS of a bit.

With that established, can you imagine Abraham's realization when, some time after setting out to find Ellen, he realized he'd have to cross the ocean?


I guess we've also established how Vladia looks now from that angle. I might experiment with her design more. I surprised myself with this result. I haven't yet decided if it was a good surprise, or if I need to make some more adjustments.

I probably will even if I don't mean to? As I get into the groove of drawing characters, they tend to gradually change in ways I hadn't even planned until whatever comes most naturally to me for them settles as their design.


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