Comic for Friday, Feb 3, 2023


Posted February 3, 2023 at 12:00 am

Noah loves these excuses!

He's excited to be a part of making them!

Granted, everything they're saying here is pretty accurate.

"I found my biological father! He's not available right now, but he's very, very real."

"Hey, Raven! I told my parents you're a magic man! That's cool, right?"


This page was delayed because something came up Tuesday that was delaying production to the point that, to have this page done for Wednesday, I estimated that I'd have to lose sleep.

I'm trying to treat losing sleep as unacceptable in most situations, so I pushed this page to Friday.

Even if my health wasn't a concern (it is, sleep is important), staying up late affects production the next day, making it more likely I'll have to stay up again, affecting production the day after THAT, etc. It also affects my ability to write, so... Just a terrible idea in general. It's a short term gain with long term consequences.


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