Comic for Friday, Dec 30, 2022


Posted December 30, 2022 at 12:00 am

- Raven's defeat

Of all the pages that could wind up being posted late, this page was one of them. A page that is mostly a recreation of a previous page.

How can this be? Well, this is a joke I made while working on it:


Ha ha, redrawing old stuff is easy!

Wait, this doesn't work with their current proportions.

Also, I'm not sure that pose was realistic even with the old proportions.

Did I change the layout of this hallway? I guess it did get slightly blown up.

What even is this jacket


The backgrounds were also a bit tricky for shading reasons, but I wasn't at that point when joking to cope earlier.

Part of me wanted to "correct" Raven's pose more by putting him in a stance where he'd truly have the upper hand if Abraham tried anything.

Then I remembered that Raven lost the fight, and it's consistent with Abraham managing to pull something that Raven's guard was partly down (as in he IS pointing the sword at Abraham's neck, but he's not probably positioned to act quickly).

In any case, I'm happy with the end result, and am actually glad I have no past layouts or poses I need to try to adhere to the next page.

I don't, right?



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