Comic for Monday, Apr 16, 2018


Posted April 16, 2018 at 1:00 am

- Artifacts from old systems of magic
- Supposedly inert artifacts
- Shattered Dewitchery Diamond
- Thwoo-Thwump-oosh

That's fine. That's supposed to happen. What, you think crates are supposed to stay closed forever? No, that's rubbish. Those lids were made to be opened. That's why crowbars exist.

And also crows. You can't have one without the other, you know. And yes, there are little bars for crows, too. The alcohol isn't strong by our standards, but we are quite a bit larger than crows.

Unless you happen to actually be a crow. I understand your kind is quite smart. If you are a crow who has learned to read, please let me know, and we can do the talk show circuit together. You might be wondering what you need me for, but unless you've got a parrot friend, you're gonna need someone to do the talking, right? May as well be your old friend Dan.

As for the shards evaporating, or whatever it is they're doing, well, that's just self cleaning, isn't it? That's what you want in broken shards of things. Saves you the trouble of getting out the broom, which will also help your standing with all those smart crows who are always watching. They don't take kindly to brooms.