Comic for Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015


Posted July 21, 2015 at 11:15 pm

- Goo on fire
- Read about it

I'm sort of posting this early, but it was already supposed to be the Monday comic and then I moved it to Wednesday, so it's both early and late? Whatever. I'm writing this around 9:20pm on Tuesday and the next story comic's Friday. Make of this what you will.

The delay was the result of an internal debate in which I couldn't decide how much I wanted to show, how much I wanted to imply, what I was comfortable implying, what should be vague, what should be blatant, etc, about what exactly happened between three comics ago and now.

I imagine I would have sorted this out sooner if I hadn't gotten sick when I did a couple weeks back. It didn't mess all that much with my ability to create the physical comics, but it made it really difficult to get in character and actually write them, which wound up wreaking havok on the small update buffer I had going. Fun.

In any case, I clearly decided to go with a bit of vagueness, which I generally prefer and can have the most fun with. Blatant is just... There. This gives us much more to work with!

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