Comic for Thursday, Jul 31, 2014


Posted July 31, 2014 at 1:00 am

I did not receive angry e-mails yesterday! Well, a few complimentary "angry" e-mails and some indignation, sure, but nothing truly angry.

I'm honestly not sure if I've confirmed the existence of Big Foot in the EGS universe or not. If I did, it was as a throwaway joke. The closest I've come to being able to find any mention of the big footed folk is when I made a fire dude walk like one.

There are several possibilities regarding Luke that aren't being discussed in this comic, in part simply because these two wouldn't naturally bring them up right now. Grace is assuming Luke is attracted to Justin, which gives a narrow range of possiblities in her mind, and Justin is basically focused on "he's attracted to men or he's not."

For the record, however, the possibilities are not limited to heterosexal, homosexual, or bisexual. There are many possiblities, including asexual, which would basically mean not being sexually attracted to anyone. Then there's romantic attraction, which can be completely different. People are complicated.

And now, another (not) Patreon Funded Update

- More fun with change blindness sketchbook