Comic for Thursday, Feb 27, 2014


Posted February 27, 2014 at 1:01 am

- Susan's failure to sleep (for somewhat different reasons, mind you)

It happened... It actually happened! The last comic in this storyline fell on a Thursday! It's not the end of the week, you guys! IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WEEK!

Oh well. What I have planned for next week is a series of one-panel moments from the six month time skip. This will be 100% canon and on the main story page, so... Yeah. You'll get to them by hitting "next" if you're one of those "from the future" peoples.

After that, back to a regular format storyline and a new group storylines. The current group is The Dawn and it started, like 263 comics ago? Probably time for a new one. I'm sure it won't have an ominous name or anything.