Comic for Friday, Dec 20, 2013


Posted December 20, 2013 at 1:00 am

Wait, I'm confused. Why does Catalina keep doing things with Rhoda, and when are we going to learn who she's dating? I'm betting it's Sarah. That'd be a twist!

I definitely wanted Catalina to have a reaction to Susan's quest, but I originally just thought of one panel where she offers her own head to be pet. Thing was, A) I didn't have enough panels to fill the rest of the comic prior to that one panel, and B) Catalina's motive for doing that would be her attraction to Susan, which means she wouldn't do it. Catalina made her kissing mistake with Elliot in part because kissing Elliot didn't mean anything to her. Trying to get a pat on the head, however, would be like flirting to her, which is a whole different deal.

And so, in taking the moral high road, we get a ridiculously suggestive fantasy sequence instead. HOORAY!