Comic for Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013


Posted October 2, 2013 at 1:00 am


For anyone who doubted that Amanda has an active imagination. Or that she ships characters. And possibly some other things one might have doubted.

Like many of the questions in this and the other Q&A's, this question is actually a combination of several similar questions asked by multiple people that have been paraphrased in a manner best allowing me to respond. It differs, however, in the fact that most of these questions were asking for one or more spoilers and I decided to answer anyway because I wanted to make this comic.

Of course, this means I haven't really answered "will the TF gun or watches be able to" or anything that specific. This response basically translates to "this is all I'm willing to say on the subject", which is more than I'm usually willing to say. Usually I'm just like "wait and see" or copy/paste a clip from YouTube of River Song from Doctor Who saying "spoilers".

Incidentally, we're bound to be a loooong way off from another Q&A after this one (it was over  two years between the last one and this one), but if we reach that point and I say "I'm going to keep it simple by just having Amanda and Lisa standing in one spot" again, SLAP ME. I'm tempted to draw them in some manner of elaborate obstacle course next time just to guarantee I don't get tired of drawing them.