Comic for Tuesday, Mar 19, 2013


Posted March 19, 2013 at 1:00 am
- They've at least been to first base

And yes, that's all friendly joking around in the first four panels. UNLESS IT'S NOT. But it is. Then again, Grace did say they were camera shy. If that translates to "on-panel" shy, then maybe when they're OFF-panel...


Ow... Hi, Susan... Moving on...

Man, why didn't I give Elliot medium-length hair sooner? Look at his hair whoosh in this comic! I'm going to start a minimum hair-length quota for just such occasions, and... Wait, that would mean telling both Mr. Verres and Greg to grow their hair longer than they want to. That doesn't sound safe to me.

And no, I can't hear the word "friendship" without thinking of ponies anymore. Given enough time, I suspect the true meaning of the word will eventually be lost to me and there will come an awkward moment when I see a pony and say "hey look, a friendship."