Comic for Friday, Mar 8, 2013


Posted March 8, 2013 at 1:00 am
- Quite possibly the most bizarrely appropriate reference link in the history of reference links

Seriously. Not only does that link to a comic with Elliot having a super hero dream, but Sarah's in the dream, too, for added emphasis on the "oh snap".

Beyond that, YES! I'm so happy this comic landed on a Friday! I don't plan around days of the week, so whether a Friday comic functions as a weekend cliffhanger is up in the air, but I got lucky with this one, and...

Oh. Right. This is a comic where reactions could be a bit unpredictable. I should probably find somewhere to hide until I'm sure it's safe, so I'd best wrap this up. Um... Susan is dressed in a manner similar to one of Counselor Troi's uniforms from Star Trek: The Next Generation okay bye!