Comic for Monday, Aug 22, 2011


Posted August 22, 2011 at 1:00 am
- The layout for the room's changed a bit since the birthday party
- So Mr. Verres WASN'T just sitting around and staring at nothing

I assure you that Jeremy has moved from that spot since Thursday.

My word processor's spell check insists that "casualest" isn't a word. I stand by the logic that adding "est", "osity" and "ness" to any existing word makes a new and totally valid word (assuming the result isn't already a different word). Rules of grammar still apply, of course, but I doubt anyone can question the factosity of my claim.

I'm way too nice sometimes

I had to resist the urge to reduce the length of time suggested by in the last panel of this comic. Part of me was very loudly thinking that it's very inconsiderate of them to keep Tedd and Grace waiting. This part of me was not swayed by the argument that Nanase and Ellen were being generous just by virtue of agreeing to the double date in the first place and that neither of them could know Grace was intentionally isolating herself upstairs.

Nonetheless, Nanase's dialogue escaped unscathed. I feel so evil.

Hypno Tedd

Where Tedd's looking makes sense once you know that TV is in the opposite corner of the room, but I kept thinking he looked a bit hypnotized while drawing this comic. Heck, he still does. His sort of neutral expression is appropriate, but part of me thinks I should have just put the hypnotoad from Futurama on there.

Speaking of what's on the TV, one might assume Tedd's watching Mythbusters, but really, those could be any two bespectacled bearded men playing with explosives! Although it would REALLY fit the science kick Tedd's on and be appropriate for this storyline in general.