Comic for Wednesday, Jul 7, 2010


Posted July 7, 2010 at 1:00 am
Shōryū-ken? Child's play. Spirit bomb? Please. Serenity-inducing fluffy animal attack is the most powerful move there is in all continuities of everything forever.

I wouldn't say this comic is all that less elaborate than what I originally had in mind, but it has less crazy-huge panels. For whatever reason, I was picturing blonde Super-Susan (panel 4) as a huge panel, Dark-Susan (panel 9) as a huge panel, and, of course, the panel that remained a huge panel (the last one, obviously).

I'm not sure if I ever really thought three huge panels would be a good idea; I think I just wanted to go all out with drawing those versions of Susan. It's probably a good thing I forced myself to work within these panel limitation, or Dark-Susan would've likely been sporting bat wings. This is silly enough as it is.

Before anyone praises me for not including an "it's over 9,000!" joke, I tried to sneak one in, but it just wasn't worth it for an awkward in-joke many people wouldn't get and many others would simply groan at. For the record, the "9,000!" joke closest to making it in here was "she's under 9,000 milli-droopys!"

See, it's funny, because 9,000 is the number Vegeta yelled on Dragonball Z, and 9,000 milli-droopys would be, like, nine Droopys, and... Wait, doesn't angst imply anxiety? Does Droopy have anxiety? He seems pretty mellow...

Ah well. The joke was cut, so no one will ever know my shame.

(Incidentally, for those of you still wondering what the heck the "it's over 9,000!" thing is about, here's a youtube clip)