Comic for Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010


Posted June 30, 2010 at 1:00 am
"Oh! And no more Jerry. Or... a different Jerry? Will you still be named Jerry? Well, whatever."

Before anyone gives Susan too hard a time for focusing on that (you know, other than me), she was finishing Jerry's thought and was presumably set up to do so, meaning Jerry himself expected her to, so THERE!

While this is the sort of thing you can't know for certain until you've experienced it first hand, I suspect it would be more awkward than anything else if someone I had just met told me they were dying and/or planning to die and didn't seem too put out about it. For all I know I would burst into tears, but I think not being sure how to respond and feeling weird about it would be most likely.

I'm thinking of things to comment on that won't naturally turn into serious commentary regarding mortality and the like, and I don't particularly feel up for that just now, so... hm. You think long-eared immortals and Grace ever accidentally hit people in the face with their ears? They appear to extend past the shoulders, so it's certainly possible.