Comic for Monday, Aug 9, 2004


Posted August 9, 2004 at 1:00 am
This comic took a bit of research. I believe I was looking specifically into fashion from the 50s, or at least checking out what they wore in sitcoms set in or created during that era. The sailor outfit that Ellen is wearing in this dream is apparently something some girls wore back in the day. I’m not sure what’s sailorish about it, but it does appear to be a wardrobe cousin to the sailor fukus worn in Japan. I’d do more research on the history of sailor variety dresses, but I feel I need to keep the trivia section of my brain open for more DVD commentaries.

Well, that, and I fear what results I might get while doing internet searches for such things.

I love to joke about the shipping of Elliot and Tedd (hey, another nautical-esque term!). The idea of Tedd in particular being female and with Elliot amuses me. That said, this dream is less about deep hidden feelings Elliot could have for Tedd and has much more to do with the various jokes about Elliot and Tedd being symbolic parents of Ellen.

Lucid dreaming has long been a fascination of mine, though I’ve never truly pulled it off. The idea is that one is dreaming, but they’re aware that they’re dreaming, and can take control of their dream. I’ve been aware that I was dreaming before, but I can’t recall ever having the full control I would like.

I sometimes wonder if those occasions were truly lucid dreams or simply dreams about dreaming and being aware of it but incapable of fully controlling the dreams that I was dreaming about. Roundabout, I know, but people often dream of things they want and I want to have lucid dreams, so it makes some amount of twisted sense that I might dream about having them. I suppose they could be considered nightmares given that I’m essentially failing to gain full control of the dreams within the dreams, but the lack of horror makes that seem less appropriate.

Incidentally, the first thing I generally attempt when I’m aware I’m dreaming is flight. It annoys me how often I fail, though I thankfully rarely make such attempts from high places. Ever see that episode of [[wp:Freakazoid]] with Candle Jack where Freakazoid puts his hands up and tries to fly prior to his lady friend reminding him that he can’t fly? It’s kinda like that, but with more fruitless hopping and falling.