Comic for Wednesday, Apr 28, 2004


Posted April 28, 2004 at 1:00 am

In which Damien loses his delusions of grandeur.

I hate hate HATE that narration box in panel one. It's entirely unnecessary.

As much as I think Damien needs to get hit by a meteor, he did get a pretty bad deal. He was created in a lab to be what he is. Some REALLY short sighted people were like "let's make this guy and try to give him a particular outlook reflecting what we want him to be", and then this happened. He was created with a terrible nature and no nurturing to turn him towards a better path.

I mean, he's still a jerk, but he was basically engineered to be one. At least normal humans get nearly a couple decades of growing up to try and figure things out who they are before adulthood (not that figuring that out stops there, but still).