Comic for Friday, Apr 2, 2004


Posted April 2, 2004 at 1:00 am

I love "meow" as a badass battle cry. He can't help it! He's of the small cat variety! Only big kitties roar!

Nanase potentially had a point in panel one. She can basically move around like a little space ship with propulsion on all sides, whereas a bird or something would have considerably less maneuverability. Unfortunately for her, Vlad is a Greater Seyunolu, and those come with telekinetic abilities. The wings and tail just make gliding around easier for Vlad.

One of my goals with Vlad's design was weirdness, so of COURSE he has a feathery beard that is actually eight antennae. It's to be expected, really.

Ellen Vs Guineas's fight is rule of funny at work. I assume at least Ellen would be a bit more intense about it otherwise.