Comic for Saturday, Mar 20, 2004


Posted March 20, 2004 at 1:00 am

Is it wrong to laugh at one's own work? Well, I just DID. Judge as you will.

Also, way to spring into action, guys. Really.

Hypothetically, though, who would be smarter to answer first given what little they know? Assuming their odds of rescuing either were equal, who would it be logical to recue first.

The advantage of rescuing Elliot first would be that he's a trained fighter, and would presumably be able to help them defeat anyone who was guarding Grace.

The advantages of rescuing Grace, however, would be the fact that Grace is more familiar with the layout, is presumably powerful even if she lacks proper combat training, and there's some guy with heat powers running around and Grace presumably has fireproof fur.

Personally, I think I would go with trying to rescue Grace first. I would want someone strong and fire resistant with me, pronto, even if she didn't know the layout better than Elliot.

Of course, in reality, Grace is restrained in a room with the guy I'd want her protecting me from, so maybe my logic is a bit flawed.