Comic for Thursday, Oct 30, 2003


Posted October 30, 2003 at 1:00 am

Did you see this coming? I bet you didn't see this coming. I guess if you're re-reading the archives, you did, but that's cheating, darn it.

And huh. If panel four is any indication, there definitely should be a hole in Elliot's pants after this transformation. I wonder if that will result in any continuity errors later on.

I'm fairly certain the last panel was at least somewhat inspired by the transformation sequences in Majora's Mask. It's possible I didn't have the game consciously in mind and that showing Elliot's face was just the natural thing to do there, but looking at it now is giving me the sudden urge to stop typing and finally play the 3DS remake.

Soon, my thumbs. Soon you will get to play... And my index fingers too, I guess, for the shoulder buttons. And I guess I use my entire hand to hold the 3DS. Video games have gotten complicated.