Comic for Monday, Sep 1, 2003


Posted September 1, 2003 at 1:00 am
Panel three: Memorable moment, and useful for social media.
I’m not sure why Tedd refers to them both as gents. I’m giving past me the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was just a bit of weirdness on his part.
This is the part of the commentary in which I hold off on making certain comments because it will be easier to do when I have names to refer to those two aliens as so now I’m rambling in order to give this commentary a more proper length but some people would consider that cheating but I’m not sure why seeing that it’s the honest truth and sometimes I just happen to ramble and apparently forget punctuation to such a degree that I wind up with an absurdly long run-on sentence that is something of a marathon to read and
...Next commentary, then...