Comic for Friday, Aug 22, 2003


Posted August 22, 2003 at 1:00 am
This confused a lot of people, but the reasoning is as follows: Sarah has a suspicion about Grace’s origin. She doesn’t know quite what she expects to find, but she’s looking for Graces who might somehow be connected to Grace who have died in the past 17-19 years (i.e. as long as Grace has been around).
Which is a bit of a leap, sure. She went from reading funnies to this, but she was probably thinking about this before, and the obituaries made her think of a way to look into it, and... OMG. I JUST noticed Sarah’s desk layout in panel one.
That’s based on my old desk layout. The keyboard below in a tray, the mouse above... It served me well for many years, but that was NOT an idea setup. I should’ve bought a larger tray and replaced the old one so there’d be room for the mouse. Less uneven should positioning that way.