Comic for Friday, Aug 1, 2003


Posted August 1, 2003 at 1:00 am
Ah, red herring. Which I guess is smoked fish? In any case, as I’ve said, I set up a plot point that I ultimately decided not to go with, and this was how I worked around it. On the plus side, it gave me an excuse to include that Rubik’s Cube visual gag.
I don’t much like the wording of Elliot’s dialogue in panel five, but I was new at writing about this sort of thing.
I’m pretty sure Nanase is quoting the song Tomorrow by Avril Lavigne in that last panel. I’m going to make sure by listening to the song again.
Okay, she’s not quoting the song, but I’m fairly certain I was totally listening to it a lot around this time and while making this comic.