Comic for Wednesday, Jul 30, 2003


Posted July 30, 2003 at 1:00 am
AAAAA HUGE BLOCK OF TEXT! Past me really should have broken that up into more manageable chunks. It’s important text, too.
To heck with it. I’m going to transcribe it. HERE WE GO:
“When we were going out, I thought you’d make a good boyfriend because of your personality, but I was never attracted to you. I kept trying to be, but nothing we did ever worked for me!
And then came Ellen, and I felt something I’d never been willing to accept before! I could only bring myself to accept it become of Female Variant #5, but it still made me uncomfortable. All throughout the night, Ellen kept doing stuff that would make me like her more and more, and it was driving me nuts, but it was okay, because it wasn’t my fault!
But then Susan, who suddenly became blonde and has refused to tell me why, told me about how Tedd had told her that Ellen has normal pheromones!
And now there’s no more denying it! I-I’m gay! A-and that... Th-that means I’m screwed! My mother is sickened by homosexuality! I-if she finds out... Oh God...”
*Phew* Done. And cute petting of Nanase is cute.