Comic for Monday, Jan 6, 2003


Posted January 6, 2003 at 1:00 am

 Okay, as you may have guessed from previous commentaries (or if you've read the rest of the comic), you'll know that Lord Tedd doesn't really do a whole lot any time soon. Actually, I don't even think guessing need be involved. I'm pretty sure I've actually said that in a previous commentary... Oh wait, I just said I introduced the alternate universe dealie way too early and that it's questionable whether I should have done it at all. Well, Lord Tedd is part of the alternate universe bundle, so I sort of did anyway.

NONETHELESS, none of it has been retconned out, and this comic addresses part of the big mystery that is Grace. Vaguely. In a way that answers NOTHING. Huzzah!

That gauntlet is pretty rad, though.

This comic does bring up something that I often confuse people with, which is how specific I get with who is and isn't an alternate in a parallel universe. Like, in this case, there are two "Shade Tails", so one could argue that Grace is this universe's Shade Tail, and that other dude is that universe's Shade Tail, so they're alternates.

When I refer to someone's alternate in another universe, however, I'm not simply referring to their role in the universe. I'm referring to something more of a deeper, possibly even spirtual connection. There's also another reason I would say "General Shade Tail" isn't Grace's alternate, buuuut I should hold off on that.

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