Comic for Monday, Sep 9, 2002


Posted September 9, 2002 at 1:00 am

I did try to explain Elliot being able to run while carrying Tedd. Anime martials arts! It explains EVERYTHING. I'm so glad I had this plan fail. It'd set a pretty bad precedent if Elliot successfully ran a hundred miles while carrying Tedd.

This comic very nearly made me want to smack someone upside the head. No, wait, scratch that. It DID make me want to smack someone upside the head. This person was a rather stubborn-minded classmate of mine who didn't read EGS, but happened to see this comic while I was looking it in a computer lab.

He then proceeded to claim, with total sincerity, that I stole this guy's hairstyle from Cloud of Final Fantasy VII.

I could ALMOST forgive claiming the hairstyles are similar if someone said this today. Modern versions of Cloud have tried to give him hair that could possibly exist in reality, and it more closely resembles this guy's hair. Back in 2002, however, there was only the original Playstation 1 game Cloud to go by, which is just... I'm hesitant to insult an individual's intellegence, but ye GODS. That's generalizing to an absolutely absurd degree. I'm a little surprised he didn't accuse me of ripping of Bart or Lisa Simpson's hair.

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