Comic for Wednesday, Aug 7, 2002


Posted August 7, 2002 at 1:00 am

As I've mentioned, I used to take martial arts lessons, and this is a rare case of me taking inspiration from stuff I actually learned. Well, conscious inspiration. The knowledge is there affecting my decisions whether I make an effort to include it or not, but in this case, I did.

Granted, I'm pretty sure I didn't illustrate an actual throw properly, but the basic idea is straight out of my lessons. Someone punching you? Dodge the punch, grab, and throw them!

Of course, what we were instructed to do was to hang on to our opponent and use our legs to pin them to the ground in such a way that we could get them to surrender. Being a young person who played too much Street Fighter 2, however, I was prone to letting go early and sending them flying.

...WHAT?! We were on a cushioned mat! It was FINE! Everything's fine! (Seriously, though, actually follow instructions if taking martial arts lessons. I was being dumb).

On the other hand, note that I listed something anime-ish as inspiration for wanting to throw people. I suspect I'd want to do that even without Street Fighter 2 being a factor (I consistently seem to like that sort of thing in games and action sequences), but I think it's fitting that Greg might encourage flinging of opponents, however ill-advised it might actually be.

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