Comic for Saturday, Aug 3, 2002


Posted August 3, 2002 at 1:00 am

I've never needed to have car keys duplicated. Is it that difficult to do? Is this method actually easier than what one would have to resort to in real life?

Come to think of it, Elliot likely had his wallet on him when he touched the diamond. Who knows how many ones or fives of dollars were duplicated!

I'm curious if anyone got annoyed with me about the "reduced strength" aspect of this. I don't think it's unfairly biased to say that men naturally have an upper body strength advantage, what with men naturally having an upper body strength advantage. That's not prejudice, that's biology.

Granted, that doesn't mean a randomly selected man is going to have better upper body strength than a randomly selected woman. Just because upper body strength is easier on average for men to acheive doesn't mean they're going to do so.  I do believe a male to female transformation such as this, however, would result in reduced upper body strength short of the transformation being specifically designed to prevent that from happening.

Note to self: Have someone design a male to female transformation that specifically prevents loss of upper body strength or increases it.

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